PERFECTIONISM – are you sick with it?

Today I looked down at my larger-than-used-to-be belly, which I think appeared over night, but I’m certain it’s been there for much longer, and I was hit with a dose of self-loathing.  The perfectionist voice chimed in  – “It’s not ok!  I’ve got to be 20lbs thinner... read more

Throw that old, punishing GOD out!

For many the word God has a garbage truck full of pain, confusion, fear, misunderstanding, anger, and resentment piled on it.  Burned in my memory is an image of me as a seven year old boy, sitting with my family in a pew at mass.  The priest was speaking but I wasn’t... read more


“The Kingdom of God is within you.”  What the heck does that mean?  Seriously … great idea!  But how does this pithy quote get my bills paid?  If it’s right inside then why do I feel so inadequate at times, insecure and afraid?  How do I actually find it so I can have... read more