Invest in something that will last…your transformation!

MAL fucking rocks, work with him and your life with be transformed! – Marsha C., Chicago, IL


  1. Help you shift patterns of suffering, lack & limitation
  2. Lift you out of the regrets of the past, fears of the future, self-sabotage, unworthiness, shame & guilt, depression, uncertainty, worry, etc.
  3. Place you in the present moment where Life is and where all things are truly possible.
  4. Increase your faith, fill your heart with love, activate forgiveness, and give you a witness to the divinity, wholeness, and perfection within.
  5. Provide for you a container to look at your life from the vantage point that nothing is wrong with you.
  6. Take you out of the victim stance that so many of us are addicted to and empower you to be bold, curious, caring, and connected.
  7. Support you in fulfilling your dreams.

Why should you consider working with me?

  • Because you deserve real, compassionate support – to be deeply seen, respected, and appreciated.
  • You have a true GENIUS inside that wants to shine and share his/her gifts with the world… let’s get it out!
  • You will heal, grow, prosper, and have relationships that are amazing!
  • Because I am deeply committed to YOU having all that is listed above… and more.


How does it work?

It’s like a therapy session in that it lasts one hour, but unlike most traditional therapies, we don’t dive into stories from the past. There are times when telling your stories are healing, no doubt. And in such cases this occurs, but the primary focus is on the here and now, the truth of your spirit/being, and creating the change you are seeking today. The sessions always end with affirmative prayer, which is really where the transformation happens.

Some areas of focus may be (but not limited to):

  • Relationships (couples or alone)
  • Healing your relationship w/ God
  • Spiritual Growth & Development
  • Addictions
  • Healing shame
  • Church Growth Coaching


Contact me to set up a free 15-20 minute interview to discuss your goals and intentions.

If you’re serious about creating change in your life,

I’m passionate about supporting you!

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