We’re in a new era. The days of pretending you don’t need help—of acting like you’ve got your shit together when you really don’t and are working countless hours to move something forward on your own instead of asking for and receiving help—are over.

And, simultaneously, time is speeding up and we all need to accomplish more with less. This is why an empowerment group is so vital. Let’s face it: we all need support, outrageous care, and a circle of like-minded people who are willing to be vulnerable, powerful, teachable, inspired, accountable, and successful… by helping others do the same.

What are you waiting for? Step into your greatest yet to be! 

What exactly is an empowerment group?

An expertly facilitated small group of five people that meet weekly for 45-50 minutes to turbo-charge the fulfillment of intentions, surrender, and positive developments in career, relationships, health, wealth, and happiness.
Through the support of the Empowerment Group, problems that seemed insurmountable will shrink, or even disappear. Procrastination morphs into forward movement, and fear dissolves into fierce confidence.

This is done by focusing on 5 major areas:

  • Accountability
  • Spiritual practice
  • Mental discipline & focus
  • Emotional clarity
  • Group support and feedback that causes speedway transformation

How do I join an empowerment group?

New groups form at the beginning of each month.

Contact me to be notified when new groups are in session.

Let's do this!