Whether this is your first time taking an online class or you’re a seasoned virtual student – I guarantee that taking one of my online classes will give you an entirely new experience of how the virtual world can make you feel deeply connected, cared for, and inspired!

I use the latest, easy-to-use technologies that allow you to relax in your own home and not feel alone.  There’s something very powerful about bringing people together from different parts of the world with the intention of becoming spiritually empowered.  Mountains will move in your world because of the collective agreement each class holds – to create a web of accountability and love that lifts us higher than any one of us could ever go alone.

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“I am a professional teacher and I’ve taught and taken many online classes.  I’m here to tell you – I have never seen a teacher as good as Mark Anthony Lord!  I was floored by how masterful he is not only with deep content, but by the way everyone felt seen, appreciated, and a part of his class.  I will definitely take another online class by MAL.” – Rhonda

“Taking an online class with MAL was like having him right next to me in my home.  He was so engaging and inspiring.  I was worried I would lose interest – no way.  MAL was also an expert at making the students feel intimately connected with each other.” – Paul

I was amazed at how many insights I gained from attending Mark’s Metaphysical Bible class. Mark expertly taught us how metaphysical Bible interpretation works, which is pretty simple, but the way he then helped us apply the stories to our own lives – wow, that was a real game changer. I am so grateful I took this class! I cannot recommend it enough. – David