I’m admittedly one of those guys that’s been doing some form of therapy since I was in my mid-twenties.  I had lots of storms to move through – who doesn’t?  

I used to feel slightly embarrassed by that – but today, I feel quite brilliant for it!  

Brilliant?? … absolutely.  Anyone who knows that getting help, being coached and supported to succeed in life is, in my opinion, pretty much a genius.  

We’re not here to do life alone or to struggle for our success and happiness.

The absolute BEST kind of support I have received was from working with Spiritual Counselors.  I started doing this around 1998 when I was in Spiritual Counseling training at Agape Spiritual Center in Los Angeles.  

Why is it so great?  The mindset of the Spiritual Counselor is focused on possibilities not the problem or the past.  They don’t waste time recycling the pain – they use prayer to produce transformation.  Spiritual Counselors are trained to produce results … quickly.  

SOME of the gifts I’ve received from working with my Spiritual Counselor …

  • Wrote two books
  • Surrendered bucket loads of guilt and shame – two of the most destructive energies ever created
  • Healed many relationships that were just not quite all they could be
  • Founded the Bodhi Spiritual Center and over 10 years successfully grew it to become a community where hundreds and hundreds of people healed their relationship with God, themselves, and their world
  • Exponentially grew in self-love and acceptance!
  • Learned the art of surrender – truly letting go and letting God
  • Deepened in the practice of forgiveness
  • Healed my relationship with money
  • And more …

I’m not kidding when I say to you, “working with the best Spiritual Counselors I know has put me on the speedway to my happiness and greater success.”

Oh … one more thing … I also became a Spiritual Counselor and minister myself!  How could I not?  Wouldn’t you want to become that which was the biggest blessing in your life?

I didn’t know that the only thing better than working with a Spiritual Counselor is BEING a Spiritual Counselor … but now I do, and I’m here to pass these blessings onto you.

Stop trying to do life alone – there is great support for you, and I’d love the opportunity to be it!

Don’t waste your time – contact me today, and let’s set up a 20-minute phone consultation to discuss what’s possible for you!  

PS – all sessions are done over the phone – it’s modern and convenient.  ☺

Love, MAL